Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's all very confusing

Last night Sam was bitching to Imogen and Lisa, so Lisa was all 'we'll look after Sam from now on' to Imogen but it seems they are back to bitching about Sam this morning (someone told Grace who told these people ever sleep?) Last night Lisa called Richard a 'fake f*cking faggot'. Nice! She then said she wasn't homophobic a few minutes later... I don't like Lisa one bit. In other news the search is still on for Grace's earring! Is that some sort of bitch code? Or just something she can shout at people when they are around Ashlean (Aisleyne).

Can someone teach Sezer to count please, on BBLB he said Richard (33) was twice the age of Imogen (23).

Papers - Sezer in NOTW and more woman has sex BB stories in the NOTW.

Strictly Dance Fever - Holly won her second major tv dance competition. Poor Darren. I like Holly but poor Darren. Note to BBC at least have a BBC3 spin off programme after the final ffs! The side view of Arlene's face was very disturbing too much botox.

X Factor - Chefs gone oh noooo.

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