Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oh what a shame

Ha ha!

I'm loving these pictures

He was sooooooooooo gutted. Ha ha.

X Factor - Well done Louis, he got rid of the rubbish Nikki aka Candice from Corrie and kept in the equally rubbish but entertaining Chefs. I'm outraged The Chefs were in the bottom two not that I voted or watched obviously, it was eviction night.

Strictly Dance Fever prediction - 1st Darren and Lana, 2nd Darrien and Hollie and 3rd Ben and Stephannie. It's just a shame that Darren and Holly aren't dancing together they'd be the perfect winners if they weren't stuck dancing with others. I hope the lovely Darren wears black and cries when he wins and they better not mess it up!

Oh and Project Runway final (2 hours) tomorrow starts at 7! I'm bound to forget...

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BAB said...

What a beautiful sight!!

Especially his face when Davina told him he got 91% of the votes, hehe classic!