Saturday, June 10, 2006

golden twists

So we have a new housemate. Her name is Suzi, she's 43 and her husband paid 4 grand for her kit kat ticket. She's the Golden Housemate. She has to wear gold, sleep in a golden bedroom take golden showers (oooer) but the twist is that she is the only one to nominate this week. She alone will choose the 2 HM's for us to evict.
The other hm's know this but she doesn't. I assume the nominations will be pretend ones.
This is an interesting twist and one which will have the bitchfest HM's in a tither.
Apparently Lea has already expressed a dislike and distrust of the golden girl. Her slot as the oldest and wisest.... (excuse me while I choke laughing) is under threat from a posh older woman with her own large fake boobs (that aren't grotesque) I like the HM's unsettled... Love it. Let them suffer... ;)
Also failing this weeks task means a limited budget and hopefully no cigarettes for fag ash Lil Lisa whose 60 a day habit being shown to my kids on national TV is irritating the hell out of me.

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