Saturday, June 10, 2006

grace aka ms embarrassing

Monday 11pm MTV. A new show called Senseless.

"Get ready for a dating show with a difference…they say love can happen at first sight but when you’re plunged into complete darkness, does the path to true love run quite so smoothly?! Senseless sees a picker left with only their instincts to determine which of six potential dates to eliminate.

Fame hungry Grace, currently the talk of the nation in Big Brother 7, is the picker in episode one as presenter Tom Price guides her through a series of elimination rounds until she is left with either the man of her dreams or a specimen that nightmares are made of!

Grace will face challenges ranging from the questionably titled Loving Touch to Oral Pleasure! However, her route to romantic bliss isn’t as simple as finding the perfect guy. The selection of men stood before her includes two duds (familiar faces she’s already dated), two studs (men she’s been desperate to date for a long time) and perhaps the least appetising, two cruds (quite simply social rejects who’d be better suited on another planet!)

The potential daters also have the last laugh; if chosen, they will pick up a cash prize of £1,000 and have an opportunity to exact revenge on Grace by choosing which male they’d like her to endure a date with".

Lucky wannabe Grace gets to smell men's Bums and eat yucky stuff..... and meet ex boyfriends. Should be a laugh if really cringeworthy. The clip I saw on T4 was embarrassing.

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