Monday, June 12, 2006

nikki vs grace

Well the Golden Girl picked Nikki and Grace for eviction this week then came out and told them both. As you can imagine neither girl took it well, poor Nikki has only just escaped eviction this week. Lea is going around hugging people and trying to reassure Grace and Nikki neither will go.... silly cow. I hate that woman. The incident with Pete last night with her sat on his bed stroking him and staring at him even though he was asleep was very scary.
So who goes? Pretty obvious Grace. Though I wish it was Lea or Lisa as I detest both of those.


Jude said...

Sleep mask and face to wall and she still tried to talk/kiss/stroke Pete. He is not your son he doesn't need you to kiss him good night!

wodge said...

It was pretty creepy!