Wednesday, June 21, 2006

out out out

Gems from Yidaho. I like his photoshop stuff... This Bratz one made me laugh. Poor Nikki. Three times in a row. It must be hard.... But she does go totally OTT.
So it's Lisa the Manchester Troll. Mikey the long haired Dullard from Liverpool and Imogen the Welsh Bitch with less personality than a sheep vs Nikki Little Miss Bratty entertainment.
I say Lisa will be out.
Her constant swearing and Fag habit is vile. I don't object to smoking... Although as a nurse it is the worse thing you can do to yourself (health rant over) but she's selfish smoking in the house, bedroom and anywhere where non smokers sit. She's also volatile and has no manners or sense of justice.
I've already voted her out 4 times. Shame though... I'd love to see Pikey or Imodium go.
Nikki? Drives me mad at times but makes me laugh too. Girl has real issues upstairs... But she HAS to stay till the last night.

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Jude said...

Aww Nikki would like to be a doll.