Friday, June 02, 2006

bye Sleazer

sezer went white
Jaw dropping classic TV with 91% of the vote.
Yes Sezer... you DID really look like a total prat. The guy with the secret game plan that he told everyone about. Get the girls to love him.... the public ALWAYS keep in the good looking men.
Well Sezer, you weren't good looking at all. I hope he learns something from this. Personally I'll be very happy to NEVER see his face again.
I hope Lea goes next week. She's a total sleaze ball. Those boobs make me shudder. Joke boobs from the 99p joke shop.
Why does that woman wear that gigantic D round her neck? D for Dog maybe?
So in order of my preference of eviction
Ashleen (spelt proper like)

Yep Grace is a bitch... but I like her and if none of them bitched it would be sooooo dull.
Nikki is the most entertaining of all. Pete is dull. Tourettes so what?

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Jude said...

91.6 % the .6 is important HA HA.