Friday, June 16, 2006

She's going home she's going home she's going...

Grace is going home! Hopefully. I like to watch the feed and go 'ooh look Grace's last shower' 'Grace's last meal' 'Grace's last hideous annoying everything in the BB house'!

Today's favourite thread titles at digi spy -
Davina would NOT do a Makosi. Grace's Mum will sue.
Suzi's breasts are too far apart

Rumours - read on teletext rumours for next Wednesday (it is 2 30 mins shows so...)

1. Australian HM swap. Hmm I don't think so. It would be fun though. Speaking of other BBs the American one is starting next week and this is happening
Twenty former "Brother" contestants will jockey for 12 slots open in the house. The audience will select its favorites, a first for the series.
2. Three secret rooms. I like secret rooms.

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