Saturday, December 03, 2005

xfactor celebrity overdose

Duhduh dum dum dum
Bobby Ball bites the dust
duhduh dum dum dum dum
Bobby Ball bites the dust

Chico next and Me and Judeee will be well happy.

Celeb was good. The Thatch is a legend. I felt sorry for those rats. Sid is cool. Sheree is such an embarrasement to poor Harry (nice smooth bum and stretch marks) she makes me laugh. Jimmy is just adorable. If he tours again I'd love to go and throw me knickers at him.

X factor... Andy. Nervous. All samey now. 1st Song horrific. I do like him though.
Shayne...I hate him. A bad Jimmy Sommerville.
Brenda. Good Voice but crikey one for the Pensioner Cd buying brigade.
Chico... Horrendous tacky and talentless.
Journey Soth... Go North young men. I hate you. You are not star material.
Winner Brenda. Yawn.

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