Sunday, December 18, 2005


OH DEAR GOOD GOD! I can't get the horror out of my head. DANCING WITH DUMMIES? Hmm a bad idea. I wanted Colin to win but when I saw the dummies I changed my mind. What was Erin thinking of?
COLIN and ERIN danced their Freestyle routine to You're Easy To Dance With. "It was good fun, but I was expecting a bit more of a performance," said Len. "I thought it belonged to an end of pier summer show," said Bruno. "I last saw this twenty years ago in Vegas," said a disappointed Arlene.
Bad bad BAD dummies. So Darren and the lovely Lilia won. I love Lilia. Now I have the US V UK show next week to look forward to, the US ones (Rachel Hunter and Evander Holyfield) aren't the winners though (they didn't even come top 3 in the US version) so they won't win. Then in January the US one starts again. Woo hoo. Ooh and American Idol won't be far behind!

That's my goooooooooal! I changed my mind during X Factor as well. Journey South weren't very good I blame Simon for not letting Carl play the piano, he needs a prop like a guitar or piano as that is what he is used to standing on stage with DUH. I thought Shayne was best on the night, Andy was just boring, Simon shouldn't of mentioned Andy's recently deceased Mam he was holding it together until then. God Shayne's family are rough, they could live in my street they're so rough. Bless. I like the single it's so crap.

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