Saturday, December 17, 2005

Woo Yawn... yeah yeah

Shayne won. I actually felt Andy was the better performer and the nicer man. Bloody heck, wasn't Kate Thornton all over Shayne? I thought she was going to give him a BJ there and then on stage.
The song is crap... Really crap.
Most poignant moment was Andy's little boy sobbing because his dad didn't win.
So, another one to add to the reject pile... Steve Brocklepot, Michelle McMoron, etc etc etc.
Edit* oh yes. Kate to Andy. "You might be a bin man Andy but you aren't Rubbish", after he just lost to the guy with the testicles missing (high voice)
Nice Kate.

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Jonathan said...

Yeh, I noticed the same thing, with Kate saying that to Andy. Thought it was quite patronising, and rude to his occupation really.