Friday, December 30, 2005

The Games 06

Rumoured participants in The Games this next year.

Peter Duncan - Blue Peter legend
Goldie - Blue Peter legend
JK from Radio 1 - don't ask me
MC Platinum B - Blazin Squad apparently
Jade Jones - Emma Buntons on off boyfriend
Darren Day - ha ha bad man etc

Michelle Gayle - Eastenders, Grange Hill and Born in the USA
Javine - Didn't get into The Aloud
Ebony - a model or something
Amanda Lamb - Place in the sun and Scottish Widows advert
Bernie Nolan - Brooksde, The Bill and the mighty NOLANS
Carol Decker - Scary woman who I like

My first time with E4 for The Games obviously I can not wait. Think it starts after Celebrity Big Brother. I don't know who Ebony is but the womens line up looks good. Bernie V Carol woo.

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