Saturday, December 10, 2005

4 Left... X-factor draws to a close....

4 acts left. Andy the bald nice crooner, Shayne the wanna-be Justin Timberlake, Journey South who have gone distinctly North and Brenda the bouncy Big Lungs.
Ok we had Andy. Not sure about the song. "Everything I do" it was ok. He was obviously nervous, maybe a tad lack lustre. I liked him dragging his kids out... But it made me laugh because their faces said "Piss off dad, let us go back and get out ipod headphones on... We were listening to McFly"
Journey South. Good choice of song. Rod Stewart suits their voices and harmonies. But why do they never sing the whole song? That one has a lot more to it. FFS.
Brenda. 'Respect' I do wish someone would teach them to keep the microphone to their mouths and not have this half a word jobbie. Tsk, pushing members of the public won't get you votes Brenda. Not my fav song of hers though. I think Simon wishes she was his.....
Shayne. I don't like this guy but he has thrown out a couple of gems in the competition. JT he is not though.
Louis quote

"I don't think any of us realise how Big Shayne can be"
Oooerr Louis.
What a dull song... Was that some insipid Westlife crappy crapness?
edit* My mate rang me during the last 4 songs.. calamity. How devastated was I to miss them (not). Danielle aged 11yrs. Bristols greatest Critic says they were all 'Just Lush'
Ah well, have to take your word for it won't we Danz?

bye bye Brenda
OMG Brenda out? It has to be the woman factor doesn't it? though I guess they voted for Bloody Michelle Mcmanus.
Brenda wasn't humble enough. She was too full of self crap and confidence. The British public like the humble disadvantaged one with the disability. They feel they've voted for something 'worthy' then.
Hey don't fret Brenda... the winner never gets the girl anyways.

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