Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm a strictly x factor dancing

Patsy Palmer is out of strictly come dancing. It was either her or chef James and judge Arlene was right too many people fancy James and he got to stay. So just Zoe Ball left from the women. I'm torn between Colin Jackson and Darren Gough to win. I like Colin but my fave proper dancer left is Lilia and she is with Darren.

Chico gone. At last. I do like him but he can't really sing, well not as good as the others. Oh well he gave us annoying kids on stage and indecent pics so that was fun. Journey South had bad songs to sing but not as bad as Andys he was so rubbish on his first song and the 2nd one was 'let's pretend as he is 40 he has to sing songs from one billion years ago' again. Please give him something modern he is 40 not 140. I hate Andy going on about 'the fans' you could be forgotten about in a week so stop it.

IACGMOOH Bobby gone. Good. Next Sheree and Sid please (unlikely but I can hope). Sheree going on at Carol farting was ridiculous. Everyone does it, get over it. They are eating beans every day!

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