Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'll tell you what I want

After not being on IAC ..., Dennis Rodman1 is now rumoured to be going into the Celeb BB house tonight. As is Melinda Messenger, yawn.

I have decided to start a new political movement. Our demands to include:
  1. Frank Carson on IACGMOOH
  2. The return of The Mole
  3. The introduction of Celebrity Mole
  4. An end to incomprehensible instructions for connecting your tv, digibox, dvd and video together
  5. Lingerie models to be banned from reality TV shows

1. Official Name: "Cross-dressing US basketball star Dennis Rodman"


Jude said...

Umm hasnt Melinda been on it before or am I getting my blondes mixed up? No I saw that E4 programme and she was on the one with Goldie.

clarrie said...

must be me getting me blondes mixed up. Oh I know, I think it was Jodie Marsh maybe? Dunno. Don't care. Bring on the Shane, that's what i say.