Friday, January 06, 2006

First impressions...

Jodie ~ Third reality show I've seen Jodie in, she's a reality pro. I do quite like her.

Dennis ~ At the mo I don't like him, all I've seen him do is flirt with Chantelle and ask Traci how many times she has come on to him.

Rula ~ Like.

Maggot ~ No opinion, it was bad enough the few times GLC were on BBLB.

Michael ~ He's alwight HO HO HO.

Faria ~ First out.

Preston ~ Looking forward to 'boys will be boys' being re-released and shooting to no 1. Maybe. Could people on telly stop calling The Ordinary Boys a boy band! Another one who has been on BBLB.

Pete ~ Hopefully there until the end.

George ~ Pffttt.

Traci ~ Have no idea.

Chantelle ~ Apparently a Paris Hilton would be or semi pro looky likey, I like, hope she stays.

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