Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Booooooooooooo him

"The cheat in this picture will be vividly evident to everyone watching" So sez George. How true.

I'm going nowhere tonight I want to stay in and BOOOOOOO The George BOOOOO him BOOOOOOO. What a fantastic BB last night. Best ever. I hope they have some oldies (as in 30 plus ha) in the proper BB now.

I still like Pete though even the last two shows it has been hard. I think he'll love being boooed though.

So... Preston or Chantelle to win? I'm sure Chantelle will get her (sigh) glamour career anyway. Pete and Preston can have a race to number one. It'll be like popstars the rivals all over again.

Jan 30th this is out.

I'm still hoping there is secretly another week to go.

1 comment:

clarrie said...

they were booing him and shouting 'traitor' when he went it ... I'll be surprised if he gets out of there alive