Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gorgeous George: what the papers say

Gruaniad: Out of the frying pan into the ire
McCall presented him with a montage of recent newspaper headlines, and he fell silent. "George, I see you biting your lip nervously there," she said. "Oh dear", was all Mr Galloway said. "Oh dear". He sat stony-faced for much of the rest of the debriefing, ...

It is not in itself a criticism of Mr Galloway to say that he had addressed tensions in the Big Brother house with the same unsmiling fury he had previously brought to national politics, and may yet bring again, if he can make himself heard over the barrage of cat impressions he can expect next time he enters the House of Commons.

Indie: The voters decide: Galloway is evicted from 'Big Brother' to face public ridicule
A week may be a long time in politics but for George Galloway the bizarre events of the last 21 days could yet account for a whole career. ... surreally, when it comes to Mr Galloway's reputation with the public, it may be that his links with Saddam's Iraq count for less than his dealings with a former game-show host and a transvestite former pop star.

Times: As he read the hooting headlines, it slowly sank in: trouble, deep trouble
... now that the nation has had nearly three weeks to witness 52-year-old George Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, go out of his way to destroy his career by taking part in a notoriously ludicrous game show, we can only speculate just how much the intellect is robbed by the passing of the years.

Torygraph: Oh brother, cat-wannabe George is let out of the house
Labour MP Steve Pound told Channel 4's Richard and Judy. "When he returns to the Commons there is going to be such a chorus of 'Meow'. He'll have a saucer of milk waiting for him and a litter tray."

(somehow forgets to mention they owe him £150,000)

S*n: I've lost my last election
Britain’s most hated man said: “Well actually, I’m not standing in any other elections so that was my last election and I lost it, hey!”

(I don't like him much either but 'Britain's most hated man'?)


Mail: 'Cocky Galloway has lost respect forever'

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