Thursday, January 05, 2006


that noise just then, that was the sound of me falling off the sofa when Gorgeous George entered the BB house.

Lets get the politics out of the way first of all. I was against the war too, but that don't mean I like Georgie. As Nick Cohen wrote :
Galloway bent the knee to Saddam Hussein when he flew to Baghdad and burbled: 'Sir, I salute your courage, strength and indefatigability.' ...

Galloway's kissing of the ring of a tyrant with the blood of 1.5 million people on his hands was hardly a one-off. Iraqi left wingers I know loathe him because he denounced Iraqi trade unionists as 'quislings'. The fact that their comrades are still being tortured and murdered by a Baathist and Islamist 'resistance' which retains all of the far-right's hatred of unions hasn't helped cool their tempers.
OK got that over with, now some initial randomness about t'others:
  • Loving Pete Burns (tho not the close ups of his puss filled trout pout eeewwwwww) and Maggot.
  • I bet Toni writes her name with a O or a heart dotting the 'i'.
  • Dennis mate, sandals and socks, no way.
  • Rula glam as a glam thing but smoking bad tsk.
  • Jodie, just cos IAC worked for Jordan don't mean it's gonna work for you.
  • Preston who? I've never heard of his band (I's old)
  • Chantelle, too much hair. Too. Much. Hair.
  • Barrymore always made cringe, even before all that unpleasantness a couple of years back
  • Faria, I don't think The Farm did much for Rebecca Loos, what makes you think BB's going to do owt for your 'career'?

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