Saturday, January 07, 2006

Big Brother V Soapstar Superstar

Celeb BB. What's a gynecologist? Really? Can we crown the new Helen now?

On the other side...

Soapstar Superstar!

A motley collection of Emmerdale glam types, Eastenders old types and lovely Corrie types.

Jackie from Brookside was there cheering her son Craig from Corrie who was ace. Cilla from Corrie who I love was bit ropey, also from Corrie Kirk and Sunita both quite good-ish. Cilla from Corrie was told to hide her arms by some horrible man who used to manage Cher. The judges were far too polite for me but that comment was rubbish.

From EE there was Beppe doing a bit of a Chico Time impression and Dr Thingy who was fairly bad.

In the bottom two were Cilla and a glam Emmerdale type (Andy's girlfriend, I don't watch it). Tomorrow we see who goes... better be the Emmerdale.

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Anonymous said...

If you are making it a competiton, I'd have to vote for CBB. Its more amusing than a bunch of soapstars who should really stick to their day jobs!

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