Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hail to Chantelle

so the pretty bubbly little ray of sunshine wins CBB! The non celeb. I guess if you think about it actually Michael Barrymore did win the celeb bit.
I was most impressed that she held her own, didn't dissolve into floods of tears. She's a bit dim at times but she makes up for it in happy sunny and warm personality. I predict she'll make a small fortune and go very far.
Maggot came across extremely well too and third place was excellent. I don't think we saw nearly enough of the guy. There were other's being far too extreme and stealing the air time.
I was shocked Preston came 4th. He was my fav but I think Chantelle had a massive part of the vote and the others were Pretty much bunched up together.
Jodie Marsh has a face like a sucked lemon. Pete was booed and heckled (annoyingly, I wanted to hear him talk) No one deserves boo's (except GG)
I'm sad it's all over. I think me Clazza and Jude should audition for BB7 and God help them all!
Ah well...on with the ice skating!


Jude said...

I am looking forward to the ice skating woo.

clarrie said...

O is a big fan of Dancing On Ice. Have I ever mentioned I think he might be a gay when he grows up?

Trinity said...

he liies girls too much... rememer siegrid?