Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad BB

Last nights 'punishment' for Preston and George was positively cruel. To nominate whilst being watched... And what kind of punishment is that anyways? They should have been up for the public vote.
I do believe that Preston was led, with the discussion of the Nominations and the actual nominations. George is a bad man. Never trust a politician.
Anyways we have Maggot whose rather hurt by it all. Rula whose bloody fuming and Traci whose 'Oh my Gosh' crazy.
Rula will go. She's drying out like plaster of paris and I think one day we will wake up to find a heap of dried out Rula on the lounge floor.
I am loving Pete's work. He's a gem. Biting tongue and dry as dry. Pete to win.

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Jude said...

nooooooooooooooo no rula go