Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's Karen and Bill!

So happy very happy. Bill Turnbull is annoying. I liked that Arlene got up and hugged him when he got his marching orders though. Aww see Strictly Come Dancing is one big happy family really. They're all doing two dances next week woo. I love this programme it is so funny. I liked Anton in pink that made me laugh, him and Patsy were in the bottom two again how unfair. I read in the tabloids today Camilla has left James Martin (her celeb dance partner and alleged partner in other ways) and gone back to dirty rotten (left her for his celeb dance partner in series one) Brendan. It is all so complicated this dancing and partner swapping.

Over to best news ever.
Strictly Dance Fever Is back and Graham needs you!

Graham Norton will soon be on the road looking for new contestants to compete in a the second series - to be broadcast in 2006.
WOO! Just the word Lindyhop makes me excited. I can't remember if Craig is a judge on SDF I hope so.

IACGMOOH - That trial was a bit boring it was like a ride at Blackpool except way up in the air. The boring old men are still boring me.

X Factor - Simon Simon Simon... as lovely as Chico the person is, saving him is going too far, but everyone thinks you did it so Louis didn't have to, so whatever! I did enjoy Andy messing up at the beginning of his song. Ha ha.

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