Friday, November 24, 2006

Well done Phina

For all sorts of reasons but for being responsible for a useless boy man leaving first especially.

Shame it wasn't Matt but Toby was a bit rubbish anyway (as in wasn't featured much). I was slightly surprised Scott wasn't in the bottom two, my faith in the voting public has been restored as I thought they'd kick the troublemakers out. I thought they only had fireworks etc for the winner? It's a bit much for the first LOSER out.

I see at digi spy at least one person was confused if the voting was to stay or go... I didn't think that was stated that clearly and that the eviction was that night. Clear as mud itv.

I hope Phina stays tonight she must get more votes than Malandra surely? It just seems 100% improved when they are actually kicking people out, like the show has properly started. Even the itv2 show was ok!

Tonight's trial is being done (I think) by Jason, Matt and Malandra.

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