Friday, November 24, 2006

about last night

Missed tonight's show (bloody Life getting in the way) but Thursday night's rocked. Did I not like Scott's friend on the ITV2 show last night. What did he think about Scott being in the bottom 2? "well it would've been the first time I've known him to be on the bottom." And what of Scott's claustrophobia? "It doesn't affect him in cubicles". Ick.

Methinks Scott and his maters belong to the nasty misogynistic branch of gayness, and his friend is just vile. Scott's upset at the return of the women to camp was not nice either. Bad Man.

Meanwhile David Gest is genius. Quite clearly Not A Gay, he put on a concert party in the jungle. And let Jan sing. Ho ho ho.

Jason is fascinating me most, tho. He seems to be going into some kind of reverie. I fully expect him to terminate with extreme prejudice the nexxt person to sing excerpts from 'Joseph', then lope off into the jungle and disappear, living on raw bush tucker and carrying out guerilla attacks on future IAC camps, eventually being persuaded to surrender in 30 years time.

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Jude said...

I didn't hear his friend on itv2. Was it the bloke who used to be on BBLB with his dog? I just block him out I don't like him.