Sunday, November 26, 2006


Eton Road out. I'm sure last week they said there was no judges vote this week. FIX! Good to see smug boring Ben in the bottom two. HA HA! That lion king song is a boring song they should of done another Abba song, sparkly is the way forward for Eton Road. I expect their recording career (I will itune their first single that'll make up for my non voting) to go the Girls Aloud road as in one good song then one boring cover.

Over on Strictly, Brendan and Clare went. I missed most of their dance as I was busy singing along to the song they were dancing to... I love to love Tina Charles good choice. I think Len needs to go, his grumpy old man with double-entendres act is getting boring. Craig and Arlene are still my fave judges and it annoys me when Len interrupts. I loved the male professionals dancing with The Aloud and the shot of Darren with glasses on. Me like! Strictly is mostly about stalking Darren and Lilia to me.

IACGMOOH - Faith out. I'm very glad she's gone out before Jan.

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