Monday, November 20, 2006

one week in

I have to admit to really loving this series of I'm A Celeb. Putting David Gest in there was pure genius and the mix of celebs is just right. Jan's snake trial last night was really good. Watching her face her fears with Jason (love him) giving her helpful cheerful encouragement "He's only coming to say hello!" was good TV. And the camp's reaction to her constantly going on about it was funny.... Well, she does go on and on and on......
But why are the public voting for her all the time. I want to see Matt and Toby and Myleene do something. Jan is not going to cope with those evil looking ostriches.
Wonder if the bug eating trial is happening this time. I hate it and personally (being a virtual vegetarian) think it's cruel. I am not particularly liking or gelling with Faith (she's dull) Phina (she's a bitch) and Lauren is okish but she really thinks she's all that and more.
No favs to win ATM . No one stands out yet. Hope it's not a one horse race though and the teeny voters haven't got their fingers twitching on Matt (though I like him)

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