Thursday, November 16, 2006

let's twist again

Dean Gaffney. Best bushtucker trial ever (best I've watched this series anyways). Twist it Dean twist it! Him joining the cast is a very promising development.

Over on 5, what a travesty was the finale of MMAS. Albert my @arse. How could the only man who was not plug ugly (ie Luke) get defeated by Mr Pretty Vacant? And I know Jude disagrees with me but for Jen to come above Marianne and Sunnait also a travesty. I did like how when all the beaten ones came back for a line up, hardly any of them could raise more than a bitter scowl. Except Waz was jumping about and whooping it up like a BigBrother contestant. Twunt. Also his top was very very bad.

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Jude said...

God how I hate Waz.