Thursday, August 17, 2006

You don't say

According to the mole: "BB never expected Ash to last to the final week and, to put it in management terms, she has been a ‘spanner in the works’. Ash'’s hardcore support has been totally unexpected. And as a result tasks, editing, and presenting have been engineered to produce a negative response to her.
From the Daily Star.

Well the presenting bias has been going on all the time. I've known that from watching BBLB all series, especially the day Dermot said that they expected her to go in and bitch and be out in a week (and that's about the nicest thing they've said about her on BBLB until this week). I'm sure she won't win, just her being in the last 6 is a miracle. Last 3 would be ace. Second would be THE BEST THING EVER. If she won the producers would probably explode with fury and demand a recount. Oh and if she did win they'd say it was just a protest vote against the twists.

My you tube clip of the day Aisleyne saying boring when Nikki is talking about a threesome. It's the beginning of the feud!


BAB said...

Almost everyone I know has voted for her!! I so hope this isnt true - she is the only one in there that has earned it!

wodge said...

I've voted for her about 4 times so far!

I think she's the most likeable character in there!