Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Callum Best? Really?

I nearly couldn't speak when they announced the male winner of Love Island. How the blinking heck did that happen? CALLUM BEST! WHAT THE FECK? Seriously what happened there? I'm still expecting an announcement that they said the wrong name. Brendan Cole was robbed, who voted? Obviously I didn't, I gave that up on day whatever it was they changed the rules on Big Brother and let horsefacegrace back in. I smell a rat as Callum Best has a (exclusive to itv2 as if anyone else would want it) programme coming soon.

Oh and Bianca Gascoigne won. Who cares? Brendan was ROBBED.

And can Patrick Kielty just go and disappear please and anyone responsible for the dire itv2 spin off programme aftersun (once seen never again).

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