Saturday, August 12, 2006

princess gollum

petey is her ring So that hideous person Nikki Grahame, the girl I spent a substantional amount of cash on voting out of the house because I didn't fecking like her, has been placed back in the house for the last week. Plus, deep joy... She's allowed to win the prize.
Wonderful. I was one of those 2700 people who complained to Icstis about the BB phone vote scandal. I hope it gets investigated properly. It's highly irritating that these people can get away with such nonsense.
I detest Nikki. She is vile. She screeches and moans and is as false as acrylic nails. She has no sense of decency, humanity or niceness. She is all me me me. This Pete thing is just another attempt at attention snatching.
Their relationship is falser than Horse face and Munster and Max and Saskia.
I'm soooooo cold So it's the last week. Thank goodness for that. Bring back I'm a celeb ASAP. That's class compared to this drivel.
So the forums are full of who should win.
Want my opinion? No? Well I'm going to give it
Glyn... A vile bag of teenager hormones, wanking and dimness. Get back to Wales you simple idiot and never emerge again.Ejaculate yourself!! (in his own words)
Richard... Kind of like him because he's been consistent. Fairly entertaining and has a heart behind the gay bitchiness. Not sure he deserves to win though.
Pete.... A spineless, dull boring nothing. Tourettes does not make you a winner.
Jennie...Sweet but........... blah
Nikki....... spit spit spit.
Aisleyne.....The most decent rightful person in there and she's crap... So that's saying a lot. The only person to stand up and say her mind... To Lea, Nikki and Grace. She's honest and bright. If only she wouldn't be such a drama queen with the fake laugh, fake crying and ridiculous angst at things like nominating.
FFS This is BB you silly cow.

So who to win? Who gives a flying fuck quite frankly. It's my birthday on Friday come celebrate with me instead.
Loves you all.

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