Saturday, August 19, 2006

the end goodnight

It's all over. I heave a sigh of relief. In previous years I've been so sad to see it go. Odd I felt a bit like this last year though, I hated Makosi and Craig so much. But last year had a lot of humour in it. This year was cruel and tedious.
I voted a few times for Aisleyne. My two texts didn't get though... though I was charged for them. Fix I shout. BB always aimed for Pete to win.
I thought Pete was dull, moody and false. Tourettes does not make a winner.
I was disappointed Ais didn't win. I wanted to see Grace and Nikki's faces. But she came third. Best female. That will have to do when faced with millions of stupid teeny texters (look at Anthony (who) last year)
I love my GonkThe best bit by far was Nikki's eviction 5th. She thought she was going to win or at least be second or third. She was shocked. Then the act on the way out and her refusal to interview. The little girl act that was cut short... Then 'hang on a sec I haven't had my best bits'
Hahahahahahhhaha made putting up with her all worth it. Stupid silly and irritating little troll.
Princess Nikki show? I'd rather watch the Antiques Roadshow laying on hot coals kissing John Prescott.
Looking like she'd been swept through nineteen hurricanes, she was so embarrassing and we did have a good laugh here at Justin Lee Collins impression of her in the but where are my best bits?advert break trailor for 'Friday Night Project'.
Well it's all over.
No more vile Horse Face Grace or Oilies Lea or Disgusting Lisa or Princess Tantrum.
Will us at Trinity Towers watch next year?
We might.

Hey, how about rather than Snakes on a plane (click the link for superb review btw)...
Man eating snakes in the BB house. Now THAT would be worth watching.

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