Saturday, August 05, 2006

goodbye BB from Trin

Two weeks extra and it's absolute crap. Big Brother launches into the final two weeks with the worst idea yet. To bring back 4 of the housemates we evicted (because we didn't like them) and force us to watch their oh so (not) amusing antics for another week?
Nope, I shall not be watching again. I spent money voting every single one of those awful fame hungry, mentally unstable people out. I have no desire to see any of them again.
If they wanted to keep Nikki in they should have done something abut the vile Jayne in the first place rather than let her go on and on and on imparting information about the outside world to Nikki and the others.
This is grossly unfair. The person going back in will have tons of information about how HM's are perceived by us, about what the press thinks of them, tactics and game plans. This isn't what BB was all about. This is a farce.
Lisa threatened to 'beat up Ais' on BBBM last night encouraged by the child like and dim Nikki.
Anyway... Hasn't she sold her suitcase on eBay? Chav cow she is.
I have been a staunch BB fan since the start but it's just another dull game show. Bring back Strike It Lucky. It's got more common sense.

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