Monday, August 07, 2006


On rubbish old Love Island (as Big Brother is just soooo classy in comparison you know ahem)

One swimsuit model (voted out) came and went
One Dennis Rodman (guest) came and went
One Leo from The Streets (voted out) went
Two twin 'models' (guests) came and went
One Paul Dannan (voted out) went
One Abs from Five (guest) came and went
One Shane from Boyzone left
Lee from Hollyoaks went mad, really mad, MAD MAD MAD currently still there though

Newest in the revolving doors is Callum Best. I presume he is a guest (3 to 7 days) not a contestant. Who knows!? I like this in and out stuff. I'd of liked the twin Mancunians to stay though I liked them.

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VentStation said...

As soon as people arrive, they seem to be leaving again. We don't see why the twins had to leave so quickly and would have liked to see them stay a bit longer as they both seemed to like Brendan a lot.