Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster?

I cannot stand her face for one more week I'm afraid the prima Donna, self confessed child tantrummy princess tippy toes has to go this week.
Her behaviour is becoming monstrous. I'm actually quite concerned she's becoming unhinged (even more than ever) but if not and she's acting... Then she needs to be kicked back home so her Mother can smack her bottom. She's more monstrous than the vile Jayne who seems unable to keep her big shouty trap shut. She's ruining it for everyone. The HM's aren't meant to know about the outside world but Jayne has told them all whose popular and who isn't and has fuelled Nikki's momentous tantrums.
Crikey Vanessa Feltz is on BBLB and she says Jayne is loathsome. Jayne has broken the rules AGAIN today. So what are BB going to do about it?
So she's got immunity from eviction this week.... Bully for her. But the fundamental rules of BB are no outside contact or details. The next punishment better be good. HM's in the past were kicked out for a lot less.... 'Nasty' Nick wrote one word down and was thrown out. For goodness sake get a backbone Big Brother. Do something

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