Friday, July 07, 2006

pure trin hate

jayne is a tiny bit completely VILE!
BB site... Jayne upsets Jennie
So did we really need another vindictive, nasty, socially inept bitch to watch on our screens?
Jayne is absolutely vile. How I hate her. I dislike Lea greatly... always have done but I'd save Lea till the end to get rid of nasty Jayne.
I'm spitting to think we could have had the friendly lovely warm sensible Jonathan to get to know and watch. Well it would seem maybe that totally dim Jayne has pushed her luck too far. Her failure to obey the rules and stop discussing outside stuff has got her a serious warning. Evict her I say. Get rid of her now. Make Trin a very happy woman......

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Jude said...

Let's form a I hate JaYne club.