Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's a hard Knock life for Nikki!

me? you sure?
With 37% of the vote Princess Tippy Toes herself, Nikki Grahame was evicted tonight. The surprise was evident on her face... Probably because she'd been primed for two week by evil troll thing Jayne. "You're the star Nikki" she hissed in her ear every 10 minutes "You won't be going anywhere.... Ais is hated"
Jayne was the end of Nikki. The general public, whilst liking her and finding her hugely entertaining also were tiring of her antics... Her refusal to join in tasks. But also the nasty bitching sessions with Jayne were horrible.
Shame though. I did kind of like her. I hope she realises just how her friendship with Jayne detracted from her in every way.
I did smile at poor heavily pregnant Davina having to climb the stairs to drag the princess from her castle.
I have a feeling Princess Nikki will be bigger than Jade Goody.
And she'll be enormous fun on BBLB unlike the dull as dishwater Lea.
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