Saturday, July 01, 2006


Yay! Michael, Jennie and Jonathan none of them are promotion girls from Essex and for that I am very grateful Big Brother. Michael looks a bit like the lovely Darren from Strictly Dance Fever if you squint a bit. The others are Spiral (unfortunately not Spiral Stairs from Pavement) and Jayne. I quite like Jayne mostly because you just know other people will hate her. Aisleyne was so happy not to go. There's a new twist on BBLB this Sunday, it's probably Aisleyne voting out/in someone (Jayne please) but we know about that and that's not new.

Over in Oz land two men have been kicked out
Ashley and John have been escorted from the Big Brother house by security guards after sexually assaulting Camilla. The incident occurred early Saturday morning at 4.30am when John held Camilla down in bed and Ashley rubbed his penis on her. This behaviour has happened in past seasons of Big Brother and has gained the slang term "turkey slap". Last year housemate Michael's similar behaviour prompted investigations into Big Brother: Uncut.
Producers have refused to comment officially as to why the pair were kicked out.
Umm... eek!

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