Friday, July 07, 2006

some good things

Not to be totally negative tonight, I'm really liking Jennie the new housemate. I like her attitude. She's sunny happy sassy and straight talking. She's a breath of fresh air and so different to the increasingly annoying Nikki (Nikki's bed... All three of them)
I also like Spiral... ATM. He's fun... Reminds me of how Pete used to be before the awful Lea 'changed' him. And last night I cheered for Imogen. Her refusal to be drawn into bitching with Nikki and The Vile Jayne. When she said "Actually I'm pleased Ais is back" I felt all warm and proud of her.
I'm watching BBLB right now and I'm so happy for Jonathan. He's out milking the crowd and they love him. Best wishes to him. Hope he goes further than any of those other wannabes.

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