Thursday, July 06, 2006

Non celebrity love island

We have some professional reality tv people

Bombhead from Hollyoaks (itv singing programme)

Sophie Anderton (iacgmooh)

Shane Lynch (the games)

Some I'm related to someone famous types

Chris Brosnan (Pierce's son)

Bianca Gascoigne (Gazza's step daughter)

and an OMG THIS IS ACE person

Brendan Cole
FIERY dancer Brendan, 30, spends six months of the year working on global TV versions of Strictly Come Dancing. He says his ideal woman is "classy, giving and caring".

But he warns: "Anyone who is loud, obnoxious, common or brassy is a big turn-off for me."

Putting Brendan on is pure genius. Hopefully Lizzie Bardsley will turn up. Or James Martin or his ex Camilla.
From the mirror.

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