Wednesday, July 19, 2006

mid series boredom and hatred

Jaynetta's nominations this week made me want to spit. Aisleyne and Imogen, no problem with that... but her reasons made me cross. She said both of them had copped out on the stepping task. That neither had tried to do it, joined in with the others, been part of the team etc etc. So Jayne constantly breaking the rules, Jayne thinks the capital of Portugal is Spain.covering microphones camera's and talking about outside stuff is working as a part of a team? She is a first class hypocrite, she has spoilt BB for me this year. I don't object to putting a rude, ugly, vile person in the house. But the talk of how the HM's are percieved by the public has changed them, it's definitely made Ais more paranoid and changed her personality for the worse. Jayne's little chats with Nikki sealed her eviction fate most definitely.
I think only Susie and Imogen can see through Jayne's 'Look at me' belch, fart, belly laugh persona.
Last night I didn't watch the highlights show for the first time in ages.
Ok Noms night gets on my nerves. I was pissed off that more of them didn't nominate Jayne preferring to continue with their 'Boring' personal vendettas. Richard noms Imogen. Says she's boring Imogen noms Richard, says he's false.... Yawn. Week after week.
Jayne had better go this week. I have faith in the public though, so far they've thought like me every week... gawd I'm Ms Jack average... yikes!

Ok Jude...... Good idea. My thoughts on the Hms's this week
Richard.... he's ok. Not in my final 4 though. He's too up himself but he has some brilliant lines, doesn't suffer fools gladly and has a biting wit and wicked smile. Love him winding up self professed God Michael.
Jayne.... Crass, rude, vulgar, thick, ugly, stupid, Give that woman the first BB ASBO. I detest her.
Aisleyne..... Like her lots, but ditch the crying Ais and be a sport when the guys play with you. You can't play with them then go crying to BB when they get a bit OTT.
Mikey..... hate him and his unintelligible accent. Dull, boring and ugly.There's just no point to him. Take away that man's oxygen.
Michael..... Odd. Very Odd. Like his cat though. He thinks he's god? Hmmm.
Pete...... Boring.
Glyn...... Tedious. An 18 year old idiot. Even worse now his hair is dyed. Why are we watching this cretin on TV?
Imogen..... Love her, like her more each day. She's blooming. She's keeping it real.
Spiral...... FFS a volatile obnoxious idiot. Soonest he's out the better.
Jennie...... love her. Sweet, intelligent and nice. Ditch the fags though Jen, you're too young to ruin your life.
Susie..... becoming one of my favs. Sassy clever and amusing. I liked her standing up to Jayne where the rest lacked any backbone.

my final 4. Hmm Ais, Imogen, Jennie and Susie. What no men? Unfortunately BB men this year do not conform to Trin's idea of the word MAN.
Stay Cool.

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BAB said...

Ugh! I hate her I hate her I hate her!!

Get her Out!!!!