Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lisa Gone

The vaginally challenged Queen of Mouth is out. Feigning happiness as BB told her in the diary room she was ushered out the back door to boos. Seems the crowd only know how to boo if you ask me. Twats.
Anyways...She says Caprice is her 'baby' WTF does that mean? Some Blazing Squad talk learnt from the dynamic Kenzie? Caprice is really a very tall ten year old?
Also she told us all that Jeremy is soooo intelligent. Right. Took a fair while for the penny to drop that Lisa had vanished. Then he swore blind that she 'must have known' all day as BB would never have removed her like that. Duh Jeremy...Yawn yawn. Didn't you watch the last series mate? It's all been done before. Oh maybe as you're so 'intelligent' you were reading the English Dictionary at that moment.
Lisa wants Kenzie to win. Drumming up some public relations with the yoff of today there eh Lisa?
It won't work.

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Stephen Newton said...

I've only watched twice now, when Germaine left and last night when Lisa was evicted. Like you say, Lisa was trying ever so hard and did well to keep it up no matter how many times Davina told her she'd only got three per cent.

It's not going to revive her career though, is it? After all, she was sacked by R1 about five years ago.