Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Om nom nom

Victor or Jeremy? Both so annoying and pathetic... Jeremy in a Alan Partridge way and Victor in a 'the new John McCririck' way. I'd actually quite like them to stay in the house to annoy me but Jade must stay even though I'm sure she'll go. I have decided Amy is all good.

But back to Jade according to the offish site Jade is going to be shown footage of other housemates being mean to her... gee that's a thing nice to do to Ms Weepy. Save Jade! Free Jade! Has anyone called her 'Jade Goody-Goody' yet? I quite like that.

And as for that Emilia saying Jade wasn't talented. Here is a quote for her
Jade is also an award winning dancer. She competed internationally in Artistic Gymnastics and won 3rd prize for most expressive floor routine.
Third! Expressive! Floor things! I think that makes her Queen of the world myself.

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