Monday, January 07, 2008

Let's talk about

Jeremy and Emilia. It's a bit suspicious like she heard the word racing driver and then decided to stick to him. I mean he has nothing else going for him so it must be the fact he may one day be rich. He is a bit Alan Partridge. I do like Emilia though I am in awe at her circus-ness.

I'm amused by Liam and his pants. He has bad pants but this doesn't stop him from modelling them around the house oh no. It is also disturbing as he looks 14. There is also a pic of him on his myspace in his pants. Eww.

A quick look on Heatworld and people are being nasty to Jade they want her out this makes me sad. Just because she is a beauty queen who cries a lot and pouts... let's not forget this woman was a child genius! Allegedly.

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