Monday, January 28, 2008

Bye Bye BBCH

I have enjoyed you! I think probably because I've always wanted stuff like bands to play in the house and celebs dropping in to happen on BB as this stuff seems to happen on other big bruvs but not ours. I'm not sure who is going to win in fact I have no clue which is good. The faves throughout have been Anthony and John but Amy is in the running... or is she... I hope so. It's hard to tell as DS like Amy and the fave there tends to come about 3rd or 4th. I don't want Anthony to win or Jezza or Nathan. I imagine Emilia can't win because she wears shorts and is gorgeous.

Jimmy Carr's highjack was genius putting them in a line and not saying what order he's put them in was ace (it was height they thought it was greediness and lots of other random things).

And bye bye Dermot... his last BBLB tonight... I'm not looking forward to Davina coming back to the live shows. Urgh.

Good luck Amy and John! 1st and 2nd would be good either way.

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