Monday, January 07, 2008

I love to play my bongos in the morning

Ian Wright was a bit of a perv or was that just me? (possibly). Russell Brand is doing it on Tuesday... Kelly Osbourne today and it is nominations, people are already saying they've done what they came for and don't mind if they go etc... I hope all the women stay (unlikely) I like them all. Well I could let Amy (Mills McCartney) go but the other 4 are rather good. It would be a shame to lose bongo woman, circus girl, happy Jade or dancey woman.

In other news I have watched the first US Celebrity Apprentice it was alright, has some woman who is the most infamous from the normal US apprentice on, she is in no way more annoying than Katie Hopkins they should of put her on instead. I don't know who many of them are but Gene Simmons is on it so all is good.

Why is Dancing On Ice going to be on a Sunday? I already have Top Model and Runway to record that day. Talking of Top Model I see Elyse from series one is in a bit of bother. Elyse v the Christians is one of the best TM bits.


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