Monday, January 14, 2008

bring back Julien

Project Catwalk is as naught without his high-camp bitchery. Ms Grazia just can't cut it in the fashmagslag stakes.

Episode 1 challenge was to make an outfit from one of the other contestant's clothes. James was chucked off for making something rubbish. Random jottings on some of the others:
  • Debbie - giving yourself a fancy name doesn't make you more interesting. And I know you're self taught but 2 minutes on google would've told you what a pattern block is. But also Note to Producers: well done for getting 13 people who can sew for this series, but it would've been nice to make sure they understood the rules too
  • Anji - seems to be styling herself as Monika2. But there is only 1 Monika Rene
  • Jules - oh what a simply fabulously witty fashion moment, getting your model to carry a jam jar because your initials spell jam. Dame Vivien herself could not have bettered it.
  • Keko - sweetie, I was there in the 80s and your look didn't even work then. Mascara on the hair ffs
  • Vic - obligatory 40-something mumsy one
  • Ross - likes 'the finer things' but doesn't dress to match
  • Chelsey - well yay for being a plus-size model but not-yay for slagging off your model's body shape because you couldn't manage to make your dress fit it properly
Overall they do seem more interesting than last year's bland bunch (Katy excepted, probably I am doing her a disservice but she just says 'WAG' to me). I see that since last series Kelly has been to Louise Brooks' hairdresser but not to presenting school.

Thanks MzCougar for YouTubing episode 1 as I missed some (note to self: bring child's bedtime forward, before 7pm is not too early for an 8 year old to go to bed on a Sunday night after all).

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