Wednesday, March 01, 2006

pass the tissues

blimey, it was waterworks central on tonight's Apprentice. Jo weeping and wailing (natch), also Tuan and Sam boo-hooing. And then just as they go into the boardroom, my friend rings up boohooing about her boyfriend dumping her becuase she's an alkie yadayada stfu the Apprentice is on!

Nargis got sacked. I was liking her, I thought she did quite good as team manager. Up until the presentation when she was just dreadful. And even worse she started blaming everyone else for her being dreadful. Although Kate did stab her in the back in the boardroom. Jo should've gone, tho. Bursting into tears and/or shouting at people who disagree with you is so not a good business strategy.

Meanwhile over on the boys team they are competing to out-David-Brent each other. Mani is such an hilariously pompous @rse. Sam was a dreadful PM - how could he not have decided on a price? I'm liking Ansell, but not the Ansell-Syed-Paul lipgloss bitch krew.

If you're feeling Apprentice withdrawal symptoms between shows, go on over to their website and watch the clips and interviews. Some excellent interviews with the contestants. Tuan says you must live your life to the full as it's the only one you'll get. Eh? I thought he was a buddist? And Paul will take some beating in the David-Brent-athon that his interview. I don't know how they stopped him getting his guitar out for an impromptu "FreeLove Freeway" singalong.

Have I mentioned how much I love this show?

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