Friday, March 03, 2006

2 songs

OMG I thought my Abby was going to explode in fury as The South and Welsh population of this country voted for the dreadful Penny to win 'The Two of Us'. She loves Chris from Hollyoaks.
Obv. Sian got through because she cried The UK is a sucker for a tear machine.
I have no idea how Penny got that far in the competition except... Look at the 'Great' wins in the past. Michelle McManus and Steve Broccolipot. Shayne Ward and Tony Hadley... The list is endless. The great British public really does have a sense of humour. Does it not?
Remember how Westlife won the song of the year with a cover version of something me granny had on vinyl way back west.
Ask the public to vote and your going to get the crappiest underdog available.
Now 'The Two Of Us', is a load of balony really. But it's easy to watch and the players are likeable. Plus I like seeing Stewart Copeland again. Kinda shocked that Abby has no idea who he is.
They should do GCSE rock as a compulsory subject.

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