Tuesday, March 14, 2006

me? sad?

An on-line market questionnaire asked me

What did you do on The Apprentice website? (Please tick all that apply)

  • Watched a short clip to catch-up on an episode I had missed [yep]
  • Watched a full episode [yes]
  • Watched a video biography of one(or more) of the apprentices [all of them, doesn't everyone?]
  • Watched clips from the first series of The Apprentice [yeah]
  • Watched a "behind-clip of the-scenes" clip Director/Producer talking about The Apprentice [oh yes]
  • Read Saira's column on the apprentice's progress [loving her work]
  • Played the Plot Predictor game [but of course]
  • Other [yup, watched "The Apprentice: Your Fired"]

Luckily there was no question about how you are doing in the Apprentice Plot Predictor game (answer: total bobbins)

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